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Branding, More Than Just  A  Pretty  Face!

If a certain VISION KEEPS TUGGING AT YOU to get out of your head and into the world, it's likely that THE WORLD NEEDS IT.

I'll help you create a branding experience that's UNIQUELY YOUR OWN!

Doodling leads to good things.  I did my first logo at 8 years old for my dads print shop. I didn't learn this, however until I announced many years later that I was going to go to school for art and design - it was my first, second or even 10th choice. I took the long way to this career. But I digress, you see. My dad was a commercial artist, designer and photographer, among other things. The guy has done it all. He masters it, gets bored and moves on. I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree.. until I found design at least. Thsi one sesms to have stuck for many years now. While I"m alwasy exploring other passions and interests, design has provided a foudnations to al this. But Idigres, again. So back to 8 years old..At thsi time my dad was opening a print shop. I was forever dododling. Still do. I'm a big believer in doodling. At 8 years old, hoever, (bbefore I knew what beliefs were) I was always dooddlign something. And like most doodlers, what ended up on paper was often what was in the immedatate envorimoent or thoughst. In this case, it was the former. Since he was in th process of opening this business, the house was immersed in all aspects of it. As the story goes, one night after going to bed, he found some doodles I had done with the company name on it. I was really into doodling bubble letters and other such things.. that was part of it, apparently. He saw it, he liked it, and used it Never told me. My dad isn't hte sentimental type. While that has it's drawbacks in many ways, in thi sway, it was a hugecompliment. He wouldn't use it just his kid did it. If he used it, he saw somehting in it. So when I announced this career change into design, he aid well, it wa jst a mater of time. I said what od you mean, and thsi is when I learned this. Wow, dad, cool! Do you stil have it anywhere.. Laughs.. no. That was a long time ago. But when I sold it, they kept it so it was around for a very long time. So there you go..


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